We offer a full and comprehensive range of welding services for stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel welding.

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Small scale, building projects

We offer a full range of fabrication services which are completed by our highly skilled in house engineers.

From home to factories we have the services you require. For more information or a quotation please use the contact page or call us on: 0151 353 0076.Anchor: barriers

Industrial barriers

We offer a wide range of services for Industrial barrier from design & fabrication and fitting. 

Our steel industrial barriers are manufactured in house from high quality steel and designed and built from our highly skilled engineers.Anchor: security

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Security work, ram bars, window grill

From security window bars to ram bars we offer a wide range of product and custom fabrications to help protect your building.

All designed and manufactured in house by our highly skilled engineers.Anchor: access

Access platforms and ladders

We have experience in the design, fabrication and installation of bespoke industrial platforms in galvanised steel for both manufacturing environments as well as raised platforms for access.

We also offer access ladders with or without cages to a range of heights. We can undertake all types of mounting as well as mobile or adjustable ladders on wheels or rails etc.Anchor: fire



Fire Escapes

With over 30 years experience in producing bespoke steel staircases and fire escapes. We provide quality workmanship and from quality steel staircases at affordable prices.Anchor: gates

Gates and railings

We build & install bespoke metal gates, fencing and railings all designed and manufactured in house. We also carry out repairs and restoration of ironwork and construct new ironwork for commissions. 

We also build and manufacture cattle grids and metal floor bars.

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Ornamental iron works

With over 30 years experience in producing bespoke steel structures and products we provide quality workmanship and a wide range of ornamental iron works.Anchor: ironAnchor: bespoke

Bespoke, one off fabrications.

We build & install bespoke fabrications from fencing trailers all designed and manufactured in house. For more information please contact us.

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